225 | 200 | 450,000 | Doors CS 5.4 Progress
Published by KermMartian 18 years, 1 month ago (2006-01-01T21:02:57+00:00) | Discuss this article

Today Cemetech and Kerm Martian have reached several statistical milestones. Kerm Martian, Cemetech's Founder and Chief Programmer, is solidly situated at #1 on ticalc.org's list of most proficient community programmers and routinely ranks among the 15 most downloaded ticalc.org authors each week. Since Kerm's last advance on the top downloads list of all time, he has accrued a total of 450,000 downloads on ticalc.org alone, not to mention tens of thousands on the various incarnations of the Cemetech website and hundreds of thousands more in interuser program sharing. You can find Kerm Martian's ticalc.org user account at http://www.ticalc.org/archives/files/authors/60/6077.html.

In addition, Cemetech has now featured more than 200 official news articles since its inception at Geocities and www.cemetech.tk in 2002, all but two of which were written by Kerm Martian.

The Cemetech user base, which has seen explosive increases of late as Cemetech has gained publicity for projects such as TBM, SourceCoder, and Doors CS, has risen to 225 registered users. The forum is nearing thirty thousand posts, with roughly seven hundred topics started since the forum moved from InvisionFree forums ten months ago (the 30,000 posts number is from June 2004).

Finally, Doors CS is nearing its final 5.4 release, the last ASM release before it will be converted to a more efficient, more versatile Flash APP. The major issues that are still awaiting resolution:
Memory meter inaccuracies
Asm/Ion running crash bug
Add BASIC error handlers to prevent buggy BASIC programs from crashing to the homescreen
Correct editing of folder names
Complete move to folder feature
Repair folder delete crash bug

Once these tasks have been completed, a final beta will be released to Cemetech members, and then 5.4 will be released at ticalc.org and elsewhere, whereupon work on the apped 5.5 release will begin, then the revolutionary networked 6.0 edition. Keep checking back for more information on Doors CS 5.4.