optiBasic Joins SourceCoder 2.0 Team
Published by KermMartian 18 years ago (2005-11-30T22:11:03+00:00) | Discuss this article

Around eight months ago, I began work on a project to chart all of the TI-83/+/84 tokens into a PHP array and human-readable format. After about seven months of progress in decoding the token system, excellent typing inputting help having come from wizard3246, I had a complete chart and a rudimentary interface for importing programs and outputting HTML. After adding a BBCode, Invision BBCode, and HTML boxes for copying and pasting output, I deemed it SourceCoder v1.0 and released it to the public. ticalc.org decided to feature it, in the interim of which I made an image parser that renders .gif, ASCII art, and z80 ASM-compatible code. I began making it modular by providing support for several types of files, and it eventually came to support every type of .83* and .8x* file available. At the same time, Brazucs, a recently-minted staff member at UnitedTI.org, began working on a project to convert the badly-tokenized code generated by GraphLink into readable Unicode for use on forums. As I began v2.0 of SourceCoder, I planned to have a focus on editing and optimizing capabilities, since it is a Basic Elite project after all. After making substantial progress, and noting that Brazucs was making great strides towards a working optimizer and syntax-highlighter, he approached me with a proposal that we join forces to make a single complete and superior SourceCoder. After a bit of discussion, since I am normally wary of such partnerships, I agreed. The project will retain its name of SourceCoder, its home here, and the current forum here, but it will now be subtitled optiBasic and include all of the breakthroughs Brazucs has made. With this, I am releasing the first public link to SourceCoder v2.0 beta: SourceCoder v2.0 Beta