SourceCoder Featured At; Updates
Published by KermMartian 18 years ago (2005-11-07T05:00:00+00:00) | Discuss this article

SourceCoder v1.0, by web service to parse a variety of TI-83/+/84+ programs into human-readable format, has been featured on

Kerm Martian has created a new web service called SourceCoder. On the SourceCoder page, you can select a *.83p or *.8xp TI-83/83+/84+ BASIC program and upload it. SourceCoder then shows you the source code in human readable format. There are additional options for HTML or phpBBCode/InvisionBBCode, ostensibly to aid in collaborative BASIC debugging discussions. It also accepts *.8xi files (Pic0-Pic9 picture variables) and converts them to GIF and ASCII art.

The site is already slow, so please be patient with SourceCoder.

This is the third time Kerm has been mentioned in a article; the other two were:
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