500 Downloads, 50 Members
Published by KermMartian 19 years, 6 months ago (2005-01-11T05:00:00+00:00) | Discuss this article

This past July of 2004, I inaugurated the Cemetech Forum, and with it a member system. The fiftieth Cemetech member has just signed up; I would like to point out the reasons for becoming a member:

Access to special Member Pages
Ability to download and test programs before they are available to the general public
Receive special notices of important Cemetech news via email
Post and discuss on the Cemetech Forum

I look forward to many more users signing up.

Also, In the middle of December I installed a new statistics system into the file server to keep track of downloads from the Cemetech archives. It has now received 512 downloads (incidentally 29), the most popular file being World Domination I Beta with 32 downloads. The archives rebuild is still in progress, but temporarily paused as I deal with a problem at Tripod.