Doors CS v5.0 Near Completion
Published by KermMartian 19 years, 6 months ago (2005-01-03T05:00:00+00:00) | Discuss this article

Happy New Year to the graphing calculator programming community! Over the eleven days of my Christmas break, I have made some definite progress on Doors CS v5.0. Although I am not yet projecting a final release date for the program, I have about a month of work remaining on the shell. I decided that I will be releasing four separate v5.0 editions, two for the TI-83 and two for the TI-83+/TI-84+ series. Each calculator will have a Standard Edition and a Professional Edition available (see logos below). The former allows only locking and unlocking of programs in the program modification tools, but is about 600 bytes smaller than the Pro version. The latter takes up more space, but offers locking and unlocking, copying, renaming, deleting, and archiving/unarchiving (if applicable) of programs. The most imposing obstacle at present is the ReadFromROM routine (I just fixed the other stumbling block). I will try to finish the program cores first, issue a Beta Testers' Edition, and then work on the manual and SDK as I receive feedback on the BTE. Here are the tasks I still need to complete and debug:

Fix read from ROM bugs (3 routines) [TI-83+]
Add DCS BASIC arc/unarc routine [TI-83+]
Debug DCS BASIC arc/unarc routine[TI-83+]
Complete properties menu [TI-83] [TI-83+]
Restore properties menu to core [TI-83] [TI-83+]
Add arc/unarc to properties menu [TI-83+]
Add ROM/RAM check in Arc_Unarc [TI-83+]
Find RAM for pendfile and ALEvectors [TI-83+]
Store arc status of pendfile and rearc [TI-83+]
Add arc/unarc to DCS, ASM, Ion [TI-83+]
Eliminate AShell from VATFind [TI-83+]
Check SE functions [TI-83+]
Complete readme [TI-83] [TI-83+]
Complete SDK [TI-83] [TI-83+]
Fix unload Off bug [TI-83]
Revert to old Off routine [TI-83]
Fix battery status check[TI-83]
Res textwrite,(iy+sgrFlags) before BASIc run[TI-83]
Check ASMswap_TIOS[TI-83+]
Make Professional and Standard versions [TI-83] [TI-83+]

As you can see below, I also made the official logos today. You can comment on them and the project in general at this topic's forum thread. You can also view the Doors CS members' page at (you must be logged in).