Pong v1.0 and Super Saiya-jin Rage
Published by KermMartian 19 years, 5 months ago (2004-06-25T04:00:00+00:00) | Discuss this article

This week I have released two programs (both games) written for Doors CS, Pong v1.0 and Super Saiya-jin Rage. Pong v1.0 is your classic Pong game, but with a twist. There are powerups, including paddle shrink/grow, speed up/down, change balltype, and raygun. You play 21 rounds against the calculator AI, and the player with the higher score at the end wins. Your highest score is automatically recorded, and it is of course Doors CS 5 certified. You can download it here.

The second game is Super Saiya-jin Rage, programmed by William White for the 68k line of TI calculators (TI-89, TI-89t, TI-92(+), V200). With his help I ported it to Doors CS for the TI-83, and although it seems to work fairly well, there are still some changes I would like to make. You can get Super Saiya-jin Rage here.