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Projects of the Month: March 2015
Published by tifreak8x on April 1, 2015 at 5:21:21 PM CST | Discuss this article (9)

Hey there, Cemetechians! It's that time again, where I shower you with all the happenings in calc programming over the last month. What's that? Can't trust anything you read on the internet posted today? Well, then the joke is on you, as there was an incredible amount of effort put in by the community to offer humor, education, and all around entertainment for you and your calculator! No fooling of April going on in this place this year!

Without further ado, I present to you the myriad of projects seen on Cemetech over the last month:
  • BasicNote: A project started by Michael2_3B, this is a BASIC note taker/editor. It appears to have a nice menu setup so far, and some big plans, so go check them out and let them know what you think!
  • Fruit Ninja CSE:Yet another project by MI Wright, this is a BASIC fruit ninja game that lets you use your own background images. It started as an experiment to see if he could quickly use TI-BASIC and the keypad to determine the shape of "swipes" across the calculators keyboard, and evolved to a Fruit Ninja game from there. Looks like a fun game, go check it out!
  • Windows 10 Educational: Project by solarsoftware, which looks really nice graphically. To be honest, I don't know the overall endgame for the project, but it looks like they have some pretty good graphics designing and programming skills, so bounce over and let them know what you think of their progress!
  • Bejeweled CSE: Something I'm surprised that it took this long to make it on the calc, Bejeweled, everyone's favorite pass time game on your cellphone, is now being brought to you on your CSE! unknownloner is bringing beautiful graphics on background images. Not really much else to say on the matter, other than this is simply amazing! Go check it out in his topic and let him know your thoughts to his project!
  • Source: Project by iconmaster to create a better language for the HP Prime, and potentially other calculators in the future. The compiler is run via java, so it is easily compiled on anything that runs Java. Check it out and maybe step up to help if you can, to expand this fairly impressive sounding project!
  • First Fantasy: Mana Force: An RPG update, from the 83+ to the 84+CSE, utilizing the BASIC libraries from DoorsCSE to add color and other cool features to the game. This project brought to you by the RPG master, DJ_O!
  • TwoStep: Challenging puzzle game by Muessigb, written in a mixture of Axe and ASM with some pretty impressive graphics. This game has an impressive array of features, which can be found in the first post. Looking at the screenshots, it looks like some of these levels will be quite challenging, so go check out this project!
  • KnightOS: Updates have been posted to the KnightOS thread by Vijfhoek, listing off numerous new features to both OS and the website. The project has garnered new members, whom are helping all over the projects spectrum. Check out the thread for all the updates!
  • Solius: Solius is a rogue like game being made by 123outerme for the 84+CSE with xlibc hybrid support. The game is in its infancy, but he has big plans for the game, which you can tell via the current todo list! Check it out, offer up ideas and support and let's bring another cool hybrid game into existence!
  • nKaruga: Matref has brought an update to his spaceship shooter game for the Nspire. The update had to do with the 'big lasers' (who doesn't love big lasers, though?) and they were recoded. Check out the thread in the topic and let him know what you think!
  • Caticle Chronicles: Unicorn has released some updates to his Caticle Chronicles, which are described in his topic. He also shows off some gameplay for his game, so go give it a look and let him know what you think!
  • Slender: The Eight Pages: Continuing progress from Acagliano, shows off a pretty wicked title screen. Seems he has some issues with a bug, so if you lovely folks could go pass some encouragement, or maybe even help him break the bug, I'm sure he'd appreciate it!
  • D-Fend: 123outerme wrote up a BASIC game for the CSE where you have to defend your side of the screen from evil things with a GIANT LASER. Sounds cool, right? Game comes with various hardness levels, check it out if you are suffering from boredom between classes.
  • Convobot: This cute little program idea by chauronslilsis was inspired by our ever favorite nikkybot. So far with this project, as it is released, doesn't really link answers to questions asked, and gives you a random answer to a question. There is a possibility at a later date for a new version to have better answers related to questions, so go on and give her a poke, and let her know how much you want the upgraded version!
  • CSE Roguelike: Interesting project by unknownloner, utilizing SDCC to compile C on the CSE calculator, and now has characters bouncing around the screen. He's got a few interesting details about his game in progress posted up, so take a look at the topic and help encourage the continuation of this fun looking game!
  • HP Prime RPN keystroke programming simulator: Project by newcomer EdPi314, this brings RPN programming to the Prime via editmacro and runmacro. There's a list of features and a download link, so if this is of interest to you, you should take a look. Always refreshing to see new Prime projects being posted about!
  • Prime Periodic Table: iconmaster has brought about a pretty nice and professional looking Periodic Table program to the Prime, and even shared the source for the project in the post. For any out there wanting to learn more about the Prime's programming language, or if you just need a good periodic table program, you should really check out this project!
  • Custom Formula Pro: Electromagnet8 has released a new version to an old project, written in TI BASIC and claims to be able to be modified to fit almost any set of formula. Check out the topic for screenshots and more information regarding this program.
  • Prime Game of Life: Another Prime project by iconmaster. The game of life, 2 versions in fact, with source code shared in the topic. (Honestly, I still lack proper understanding of what this type of program is good for, someday I shall learn). Check it out if you'd like to see more of the Prime language!
  • Portal Returns: Mateo has released this Portal project to the world in a more final form! It includes 78 levels, and some pretty amazing graphics! Check out the topic for a link to the download and get playing on this impressive game!
  • Text Viewer: Mateo started up this project to have a displayer for text programs generated by Document DE online converter, and it's going on a pretty good start! There's a bit of a push to hopefully integrate an editor in there as well, so students can take notes with their calcs. Hit the topic and help motivate the completion of this project!
  • TokenIDE: The long standing project by Merthsoft has received some updates! It has gotten a new detokenizer and tokenizer, and some bugs have been repaired. He's asking that anyone that has a feature request bounce into the topic and post it up!
  • Turtle Graphics: Merthsoft has brought out Turtle Graphics, which is a feature of the Logo programming language. Merthsoft has setup an interpreter to display various graphics. Check out the thread for some awesome screenshots and more information on the language!
  • CBL Whack-a-mole: If you are lucky enough to stumble across a CBL2 with a light sensor, then this could be a game for you to make use of the device! Merthsoft devised this little game after stumbling across the items at a pawn shop, and utilized xLIBc libraries to build the game.
  • The Potato One: Anyone a fan of Doctor Who might automatically get this reference and know who is being talked about. This program, created by tifreak8x, generates random 'attack strategies' based on a flow chart floating around the internet. Check out the topic and program if you want yourself a quick laugh.

And that concludes this PotM post! Keep up the fantastic work, you awesome programmers, and we'll get you updated next month, hopefully even a little closer to on time!

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