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Doors CSE 8.1 Release Candidate 1
Published by KermMartian on June 28, 2014 at 7:24:16 PM CST | Discuss this article (35)

Ever striving for more features and quality, Doors CSE 8, the shell named "Program of the Year" by ticalc.org, is on the cusp of a major new version. Previously, Doors CSE 8 could list and run all of your TI-BASIC and Assembly games and programs. It let you organize your programs into folders, archive, lock, and hide them. It gave you extra features like an enhanced TI-BASIC editor, a clock, lowercase letters, and much more. Nearly eight months after Doors CSE 8.0 was released to the public, this Release Candidate adds new features, new optimizations, and better stability. It fixes a few subtle but frustrating bugs, one of which took nearly a month of debugging and OS reverse-engineering to track down. The biggest new feature is the frequently-requested ability to list and run Applications (Apps), along with a host of smaller features and new xLIBC library functions.

This is a Release Candidate, meaning that it's a preview of what the final Doors CSE 8.1 will look like. Cemetech's members have been very helpful in reporting bugs to be fixed in this version, and I ask that they continue the proud tradition of testing this Release Candidate to make sure it's stable for the general public. Please try out Doors CSE 8.1, run all of your programs with it, explore all of its features, and please submit both positive and negative comments and reports. Let me know about features that you find to function well, programs that work with Doors CSE 8.0, and of course also emphasize anything that breaks. In your bug reports, please include step-by-step directions to replicate your problems.

An important note: As this is a release candidate and likely contains bugs, it launches with a large warning message. Please do not distribute it to your friends yet; a final Doors CSE 8.1 will be available for that soon, as barring any major problems, this will be the last release candidate before the final 8.1 release. Without further ado, download and enjoy!

Doors CSE 8.1 Release Candidate 1

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