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LuaZM v0.1 Beta: Lua for the Casio Prizm
Published by KermMartian on September 8, 2012 at 1:23:04 AM CST | Discuss this article (117)

The programming language Lua has been around for fifteen years, and has recently gained significant traction as an introductory scripting language. As I mentioned when I first announced the LuaZM project, the TI-Nspire CX has had Lua for about a year now, Texas Instruments' uneasy relationship with hobbyist programmers notwithstanding. I'm proud to release the first beta of LuaZM to the public, along with documentation on the current features of the core program and its included libraries. Create your own .lua programs, then use LuaZM's handy graphical file browser to select a program and run it. LuaZM also includes a command line where you can test out commands and functions. LuaZM is a semi-port of Lua 5.2.1. Please try out this beta, give me feedback, and start publishing your own Prizm Lua programs! Compatibility layers for Nspire and LuaFX programs may be coming soon. Special thanks go to Juju and AHelper for the PrizmIO console library and the File Browser GUI respectively.

Download & Read More
LuaZM v0.1 - Casio Prizm Lua Interpreter
LuaZM reference documentation

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