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Cemetech's New Focus; Hurricane Irene
Published by KermMartian on August 28, 2011 at 2:22:45 AM CST | Discuss this article (28)

One week ago, Cemetech introduced the Cemetech Space Program in Cemetech Goes to Space, inaugurated by a flight bringing one of our dear TI graphing calculators into the vacuum of interstellar space. Today, I'm happy to introduce Cemetech xTreme, and to reveal the new focuses of Cemetech: the side-by-side (and related!) divisions of Cemetech Space and Cemetech xTreme.

We at Cemetech have long been aware that the fields of hardware and software development and hacking are simply no longer relevant in our ever-changing world, and after months of negotiation and discussion amongst the administrators and staff, we have elected to take this bold step forward. The final decision was made last week, when founder KermMartian, admistrators Merthsoft and elfprince13, and elfprincess13 reunited for a long weekend of fun, sun, Cemetech policy discussion, and space and extreme sports in Maine. We remain enthusiastic about Cemetech as a community and group, and know that you will all join us as we continue to lead the way to the future.

On a more somber note, Hurricane Irene is currently barreling towards New York City, where some Cemetech services including SaxJax and gCn are hosted. If internet or power goes out, some of these services may experience temporarily downtime, although we have taken the precaution of duplicating them for such situations, so we expect minimal impact. As I am also within that area of effect, I may be briefly unable to repair any issues that do appear. Please be patient and bear with us if anything breaks.

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