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Upcoming: Sandpaper FTP Client
Published by KermMartian on August 17, 2011 at 10:09:50 PM CST | Discuss this article (104)

So if you have been following my Summer 2011 Project Brainstorming topic, you'll know that besides a "web clipping browser" (Gossamer), I wanted to create ":: CALCnet FTP, plus gCn ticalc.org archives goodness." In other words, a unit-to-unit transfer program in the style of an FTP client, with side-by-side local and remote file panes, plus the ability to view the ticalc.org and Cemetech archives as if they were calculators (including looking in the contents of zip files!). That will be achieved, as with Gossamer, with a calculator-side client doing most of the work and a gCn metahub bridge doing translation for the ticalc.org and Cemetech archives. I finally started it on the bus to see fellow Cemetech admins Merthsoft and Elfprince13 today (photos coming soon!); find prototype and real screenshots of my progress thus far, namely icon, main GUI, splashscreen, and a few bits of backend and CALCnet. Among the many pieces still to go:

:: Broadcasting of presence packets when not connected
:: Ability to search for and list broadcasting calculators in a Connect... screen
:: Ability to list local programs, archived and not, paying attention to Doors CS folder
:: Understanding of transmitting programs
:: Symmetrically, sending and displaying program information, and receiving and storing new programs.

I will keep this topic updated with progress as I make it, and I look forward to having something for people to test very soon!

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