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Resurrected: PartyMode 2.0
Published by KermMartian on May 17, 2011 at 4:09:57 PM CST | Discuss this article (54)

About four years ago, a few friends and I designed and partially constructed a system we called PartyMode. It combined a VU meter made of seven 80mm PC case fans, a distributed visualizer called DiscoScreens that would flash sixteen CRTs of solid colors in time to music, and a fairly extensive music system with, at one point, 22.4 channels worth of audio driven by a 5.1-channel sound card. Unfortunately, various circumstances led to that project never reaching completion, and has long since been dismantled. I have recently toyed with the idea again, and have resurrected a miniature version of PartyMode, dubbed PartyMode 2.0. It provides the same 7-fan VUFan VU meter, four LCDs of DiscoScreens, a 5.1-channel audio system, and has a third planned component, a set of 1-Watt or 3-Watt high-power RGB LEDs that will flash colors matching the DiscoScreens brightnesses and colors to illuminate the room. Check out the current system, sans LEDs, in action in the video below:

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