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URL Shortener: Cemete.ch
Published by KermMartian on May 16, 2011 at 2:21:31 AM CST | Discuss this article

Due to the ingenuity and quick thinking of longtime Cemetech member Swivelgames, Cemetech now has its very own URL shortener, Cemete.ch. Thanks to the lucky coincidence of Switzerland's .ch domain, we were able to grab this domain last week, and thanks to Swivelgames' generosity, we were able to grab it quickly. As detailed in the attached topic, members and staff quickly suggested a variety of helpful URL shortcuts that the cemete.ch domain could facilitate; the ones implemented thus far:

:: cemete.ch - The Cemetech homepage, //www.cemetech.net.
:: cemete.ch/t6244 - Redirect URLs with /tNNN to the relevant Cemetech forum topic numbered NNN.
:: cemete.ch/p150521 - Redirect URLs with /pNNN to the relevant Cemetech post numbered NNN.
:: cemete.ch/f9 - Redirect URLs with /fNN to the Cemetech forum category numbered NN.
:: cemete.ch/u2 - Redirect URLs with /uUSERID to the Cemetech profile page of the user with that ID, and /uUSERNAME to the profile page of the user with that username.
:: cemete.ch/pr33 - Redirect URLS with /prNN to the project page containing that Cemetech project, ID number NN.
:: cemete.ch/dcs/SDK - Anything ending /dcs/* gets redirected to the relevant Doors CS wiki page.
:: cemete.ch/n457 - URLs of the form /nNNN redirect to the news article numbered NNN.
:: Any other cemete.ch/* URL is redirected to //www.cemetech.net/*. Several users are currently lobbying for a Cemetech-specific tinyurl-like service to redirect to any url using the domain.

I hope that you enjoy this new service, report any bugs you see as it is rolled out to SAX, saxjax, the @cemetech Twitter feed, and other areas of Cemetech, and suggest any new features that occur to you!

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