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Presenting "Cemetech Retro"
Published by KermMartian on March 31, 2011 at 11:02:03 PM CST | Discuss this article (105)

Over the past several weeks, the GMods and Administrators of Cemetech have been working together to build a spiffy new theme for Cemetech, called "Cemetech Retro". It hearkens back to the early days of Cemetech, when cool DHTML / Javascript tricks and bold color schemes reined. This particular iteration of the Cemetech style builds on Cemetech6's clean and easy-to-use layout, adding more color and contrast for a more appealing, more vibrant site. We've also changed the font styling to present a more youthful and laid-back feel to members, also a nod to Cemetech's early years. For now, Cemetech Retro has been set as the default theme for all user accounts; once we finish working out all the kinks, and accept the users' suggestions as to how we can make it even more appealing, we will be figuring out how to keep it side-by-side with Cemetech6 for users who still want the old, blander, more formal site style.

Enjoy Cemetech Retro, and many thanks again to Jonimus, ComicIDIOT, Merthsoft, Tanner, TIFreak8x, and the others who have contributed their invaluable HTML talents and brainstorming towards this Cemetech refresh!

Edit: And yes, I know that it's April 1st; it's an unfortunate coincidence, but I assure you no less real.

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