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[Beta] SysMon Server Monitor
Published by KermMartian on January 15, 2010 at 4:07:42 PM CST | Discuss this article (2)

After the surprising success of DHCPgen as both a tool for use in my school's EE department and as a tool available here, I've been working on a new multiserver management program called SysMon. The fairly self-explanatory program consists of a tiny client Bash script run as a cron on machines to be monitored, a small PHP program to receive and store client data, and a C/ncurses program to aggregate and display data realtime. SysMon allows an administrator to monitor core CPU temperature, memory usage, load, users, uptime, and up/down status on many servers at a time, ideal for the small to medium-sized academic department or business. I have not released any code with this version, as I am still spiffing, debugging, and coding. At this point, I have a working Linux (Ubuntu, Gentoo, and CentOS tested) and Solaris client; using the lm_sensors or lm-sensors package, I have successfully fetched temperature data on the Ubuntu and CentOS machines. The final release will contain relatively little in the way of setup scripts, but will include comprehensive documentation on setting up the system. Some Linux/Unix competence will be assumed.

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