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mobileTunes 3 Converter Upgraded
Published by KermMartian on June 16, 2008 at 8:24:42 AM CST | Discuss this article (12)

As per the many comments, items of feedback, and angry complaints I have received about the beta of the MIDI to mobileTunes 3 song converter, I have upgraded it with a plethora of new functionality and believe it's just about ready to come out of beta. I was inspired to do this by bug reports a few days ago of features that were very easily fixed, which then led me to tackle the more challenging problems. Among the things I have added to and changed about the converter:

:: Full integration into the Cemetech6 template system
:: Support for so-called "running status," which fixes a lot of the "unknown event" problems into which people were running
:: Better support for files that omit the Note Off events and use Note On on the same channel to indicate all notes off.
:: A clearer track visualization system
:: Complete automated handling of single channels that contain more than one simultaneous note
:: Automatically attempts to merge channels if there are more than four channels (or simultaneous notes) selected for conversion
:: Improved time signature handling, should now match oncalc output songs closely to their original MIDI tempo

Feel free to head to the converter, give it a try, and post bug reports in the attached topic.

mobileTunes 3 Converter

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