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400 Registered Users
Published by KermMartian on June 22, 2006 at 12:14:53 PM CST | Discuss this article (16)

After just over fifteen months of existence in its current form, Cemetech has reached the milestone of four hundred registered users. The four hundred mark was passed a few days ago, and now at 408, we are well on our way to the key hundred users. Of these, ten users have over one thousand posts, twenty-six over 100 posts, 63 members over 10 posts, and 132 users who have made at least one post. This 32.35% posting to joining ratio can be compared to UnitedTI's 76.75% posting ratio, where although only 17 members of 763 have over 1,000 posts, 601 of 763 have posted at least once. These statistics seem to indicate that people join some sites such as UnitedTI, which is first and foremost a forum hub for a meeting of minds, for the forum. By contrast, I see Cemetech's low post to join ratio as an indication that many people sign up as members here to become involved with the non-forum parts of the site, such as gCn calculator registration, SourceCoder2, which makes many more features available to members, and more.

To date, since July 2004, 46332 posts have been made, and since March 14, 2005, 960222 words have been written in 1226 topics. I look forward to a continuation of these trends!

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