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Doors CS SDK in Progress
Published by KermMartian on January 20, 2005 at 12:00:00 AM CST | Discuss this article

As part of the pending release of Doors CS v5.0, I am working to complete a full Software Developers' Kit to complement the shell. Currently I have completed two full wizards, one for ASM programs and one for BASIC programs, that will generate templates for programs, Shell Expansions (SEs), and Appended Library Extensions (ALEs). I am working on a PDF of the SDK document itself, and I will also create several supporting documents in addition to an include file (doorscs.inc) and a compilation program (compile.bat). You can see the progress that I have made so far on the Doors CS v5.0 SDK; you can also download the current Beta Testers' Edition release in the Projects | Members | Doors CS page.

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