I've made a program in ti-basic that ends in computing distance, velocity and acceleration variation with angle tetha. Everthing goes well, the angle in degree steps being in L1, Distance, velocity and acceleration variation in L3,L4,L5. If I plot L1 alongside with any of the other 3 lists the plot is not a periodic or parabolic function as it must be, but a straight line. If i trace the graph, the values clearly varies at they should, but the graph looks like a line. I have tryied every zoom option but no avail. What am I doing wrong?
What is the window settings that you have set? If the values are too high, and the values don't deviate overly much, then you might end up with something of a straight line. Otherwise, might have to wait for someone smarter with the math functions to look at this.
Can you share a sample of the values with us, maybe as a screenshot of the list editor? I've not known the graph to show the stats plots as anything other than what they are, which tells me that the data being plotted is either the wrong data, or some other issue is popping up.

I think I must scale the third list like k*L3->L5 but I didn't figured it out yet.

le: If I use radians instead of degrees and do a zoombox, the graph shows as it should.

le2 : I managed to do it with ZoomQuadr1 and after that ZoomStat. Now, just to not open another thread :
The syntax to plot is

Plot#(xyLine, x-list, y-list, mark)

I have tryied everything for that "mark" : ., dot, dot-thin etc but it doesn't work. CatalogHelp doesn't say anything either. What is the correct syntax for "dot" plot?

le3 : solved with


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