After getting CBLLight mostly ported to TI-84 Plus C SE, I am left with a bug in drawing data values to the graph.
In this case L₁ is an int(265/S)-element list, where S is the width in pixels of each data value in L₁.

:For(Y,1,264)          //264 is pixels, not list location values
:If iPart(X)≤Z
:X+S⁻→X         //Adds part of a pixel to S every time a pixel location (Y) is incremented

Although the 84+ version of this code acts normally, on the 84C it results in the data lines appearing wider than 1 pixel, which I somewhat expected but still need fixed. How would I make these lines 1 pixel thick?
Simple enough, extra argument to the Line() command. Unfortunately, this also means that you need to specify the color:
The 12 is black, the 1 is the width.
Yep, that was the problem. Thank you!

(yes, I used blue there.)
Excellent, I'm glad to hear that that did the trick. It looks great! I hope you get to try the program with your CBL hardware soon, and I have no doubt it will operate just as well as the other versions.
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