If you own an ARM Chromebook and want to run TiLP on it, well, this is the thread for you.

I made this all into a single video if you prefer videos:

I built TiLP for ARM Chromebooks and packaged all the library files into a single package, and wrote an installer for it. So installing and running TiLP on your Chromebook is now incredibly easy.

First, you must be booted in Developer Mode.
You then want to install TiLP with these commands into the shell:
cd ~/Downloads
wget raw2.github.com/amihart/charm/master/installers/tilp_install.sh
bash tilp_install.sh

You can run TiLP with these:

sudo bash
export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/usr/local/lib
tilp --calc=[yourcalc] --cable=directlink

Replace "[yourcalc]" with your calculator. For example, I used "ti84+" (this also works for TI-84+CSE). The different options of calculators are: v200, ti92+, ti92, ti89, ti86, ti85, ti84+, ti83+, ti83, ti82 and ti73.

Also note that this only works if your calculator is plugged into USB through the black USB port (2.0). The blue one (3.0) won't work.

When TiLP loads, it might show on the right-hand side will be in your "/root" folder. To get to your downloads folder, navigate to "/home/user/chronos/Downloads".
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