Hello friends,

I have a BBB and I just connected a 320x240 4.3" LCD to it:

5,6,5 mapping to as in many LCD "capes" for this board.
H,V sync and CLOCK.

Nothing is working Sad and have no idea how to enable it. I measured the LCD CLOCK signal and has 108 MHz, obvious too high for my LCD, perhaps excellent to HDMI framer chipset.

Can I enable my LCD without re-compiling the kernel? Asking because this just taken me about 22 hours.
Has anyone some DTBS example to start with?

I use a Debian Wheezy with 3.13 kernel but the same problem on Angstrom.

Thanks very much in advance,
Did you ever make progress towards fixing this problem? As far as I can tell, you didn't bother installing a driver for the LCD at all, which is probably where you were getting caught up. There's no way to get an LCD to work without building and loading a separate kernel module, or just putting a driver into your kernel.
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