While this is being decided, I plan on finishing Star Trek 83. There really isn't a whole lot needing to be completed on it anymore...
Yay! At last! I look forward to it, especially considering how long I've been waiting. Wink
lol. Well, the 83+ version will be more graphically appealing, when I get around to it... Smile

And besides, I didn't know that you were waiting for it to be completed, or I would have done that a long time ago...
Not actively waiting for it, but it would be cool to play it after all the effort I know you've put into it. Smile
Ok. Very Happy I will make more of aneffort tonight on that then... I think it was decided that the Borg was to use Torpedoes, right? or do you want me to do cutter beams? (Those things are harsh to other ships...
I think we said torpedoes.
cool. Now to figure out how to do a curved shield impact...
Shock That should be fun. :/ What about approximating the equation for a halfcircle? Y=sqrt(abs(R^2-X^2
Could you give me a bit of an example on that?
Here's how you usually graph a circle:

Therefore, you can just plug in the radius of the ship, the center X and Y, and then figure out if the torpedo is within that circle. I'll have to ponder it more for the exact equation.
Well, I might do some pondering, now that I have the general idea...
You see where I'm going with this though, right?
I think so, only thing is, I will have to be able to make it appear when the torpedo impacts, and disappears afterwards. Also, there has to be 3 layers, depicting shield percentage...
Coolness. Here's how you should work it. If the Y value for the torpedo is greater than the Y value at the torpedo's X for the negative equation but less than the Y for the upper curve, then do the damage and delete the torpedo.
I put in the equation that you gave, and it gave half a circle, then shot off in an angle toward the top right of the screen... And it always starts on the far left...
That's the way it's supposed to be. Gimme the vars you're using for the torpedo's position and the ships position and radius, and I'll write all the code.
Umm, I will have to set that up first... Very Happy
Well, before I go setting up the enemy weapons, I have noticed misc optimizations that can be done, so I am going to do them first. Let you know how that goes...
Fair enough, have fun.
Well, after some consideration, I don't exactly have a ton of room left on the calc. Wink Currently I only have 9000 bytes, and I amd going to see about getting that back up to 10000 before the rest of it...
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