Another update: This fixes many of the issues with the previous versions including one critical bug. In addition it should also support the fx-CG50.

The critical bug relates to the Save VRAM area which is used to store both the level and bonus level class. It turns out that if you collect a red gem in a level it will take you to a bonus level after completing the level. This should have been fine because it is after the level but the function call was made in the level class. This means undefined behavior which could in theory crash your calculator. I fixed this by first deleting the level class then running the bonus level.

Also the fonts now look correct and the keys don't repeat when the shouldn't. Also the bonus levels no longer need a temporary buffer to load which fixes the malloc errors.

In addition I embedded openjazz.000 in the .g3a so you no longer need to copy that file.

Please re-download and re-test. I see that some people are hosting this game on their website. If you are doing that please either link to the GitHub page or host the latest version. It might not be a good idea to run earlier versions because of the bonus level related bugs.
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