I want to build a typewriting monkey automaton. The premise is that it would be a moderate-to-small sized monkey robot which sits at its own desk with a typewriter/keyboard. You then plug in a USB keyboard to it, and the monkey types what you type.

If that doesn't make sense, watch this video. Actually, just watch the video anyway - it's amazing in its own right.

The monkey automaton would be very similar. Instead of a boy, it would be a monkey. Instead of pen and paper, it would be a (preferably mini-sized) typewriter and keyboard. And instead of pre-programmed cams, it would have a USB plug and whatever servos/mechanical parts required for the monkey to type.


1. It would be awesome.
2. Mass-production could result in cash money (weird novelty toy market)
3. Just because.


Contact me if you match the following:
1. You think this is a cool idea.
2. You have a lot of spare time.
3. You're willing and capable of doing this project almost completely independently.
a. Hardware knowledge is obviously a must.
b. Having money is not - my intention is to fund this project out of my own pocket provided I am convinced you are able to actually complete the project, that the cost for the initial prototype is not outrageously expensive, and that reasonable terms can be agreed upon.
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