It's December once more, which means that community flagship website has begun their Program of the Year (POTY) competition. This year, the staff of the site put an extra effort into getting as many programs featured during "Nomination November" as possible, so the field of contestants is quite crowded. This year, the categories are TI-83 Plus/TI-84 Plus, TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition, TI-89/TI-92, TI-Nspire, and Computer programs. Voting on first category has already finished, and this week brings the TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition voting. Among the many meritorious programs are Steins;Gate 8-bit by long-time member calc84maniac, Calcuzap and CMonster by the legendary Patrick Davidson, and three programs by the relative newcomer AssemblyBandit. The news article about this week's POTY can be found on, and the poll results are here (you vote on's front page). Of course, I ardently hope you vote for Doors CSE 8.0 in light of its file management abilities, ASM and BASIC libraries, and potential to spur on new program development, but all the entries are very worthy contenders indeed. By the way, if you do decide to vote for Doors CSE 8 (or even if you don't), could you please rate it on its page?

We also wish the competitors in the upcoming weeks the very best of luck, and although all of these programs are obviously meritorious based on the fact that they achieved featured status, we look forward to see what the community decides are the few that deserve the highest community honor, Program of the Year. By the way, if you enjoy competition, there are fewer than 20 hours left in our Contest #11, a three-day "lightning" programming competition. Based on what we've seen so far, there are quite a number of cool entries underway, and we anticipate having the results of judging as early as next weekend.
Good luck to the competitors! I don't know how I missed voting on the 83+/84+ category <_<
elfprince13 wrote:
Good luck to the competitors! I don't know how I missed voting on the 83+/84+ category <_<
I think a lot of people might have missed it. It doesn't help that I forgot to post this news article until it was too late for the first week of voting. Sad
*bump* Now the TI-Nspire category is up! I'm sufficiently confused (and don't feel like downloading every entry and testing it on my Nspires) that I probably won't vote. I suspect that Minecraft 2D will get a lot of the popular vote, as it seems to have had a lot of effort put into it. On the other hand, I saw that our TI-Planet friends feel nLaunchy, which as far as I can understand is related to Ndless, will (like Doors CS/Doors CSE) enable a great deal of interesting programming.
*bump* Now the PC category is under voting. You can check out the news article here and vote on the front-page survey at's front page. I posted my thoughts:
From watching him work very hard to develop it for many years at Cemetech, and for a great tool that has even inspired some SourceCoder 3 features in its completeness and polish, I have no choice but to vote for the excellent TokenIDE.
Oh boy, I didn't know another PC program has worked its way on the list. And here I was hoping to be a default winner Wink. nRemote is a really neat project, but I did ultimately vote for myself.
I voted TokenIDE, it is very deserving imo Smile.

Good luck!
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