Hello, everybody, I'm the DarKadabra, I like old Nintendo games (especially Pokemon) and I'm new to this whole calculator thing. I got a TI-84 Plus SE before the beginning of this school year because it was on the supply list. I just now found out about the full extent of its power, what with all the games and whatnot. But there's this thing I heard of. I was browsing the file archives on ticalc.org and there was some program that said it could connect to the internet with CALCnet. So, my question is: What is CALCnet and how do I use it?
its a networking protocol that KermM designed. It comes in DCS7 or later. It allows calculators to communicate with a theoretically infinite number of other devices. And with the Internet, but you need a program on your comp to do that
Calcnet is a Peer-to-Peer linking network made by Kerm Martian (you can see his profiles on the home page) and is provided with Doors CS 7.2, arguably the best calculator shell around. more information on Cn2.2 is on its project page.

Using a program on your computer, Cn2 allows your calculator to connect to the internet, allowing text-based web browsing, ftp downloads, and irc, among other things. you need to use the gCn Client to utilize the gCn. I built the gCn Helper for people who arent familiar with the windows Console, so it may help you out if you would like to try out gCn.
ACagliano wrote:
its a networking protocol that KermM designed. It comes in DCS7 or later.

Correction: It comes in [all versions of] DCS7.
Just downloaded it, how do you connect it to obliterate?
add new hub called OblitHub. i think. ive never actually used Oblitr8, so you can be tester. of course, also keep in mind that there may be no players online.
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