Screw it, I think I'm entering. We'll see if I actually get it done in time.

TI-BASIC, and 83+. Because I don't care to learn Z80 asm or Axe in time. Not that my TI-BASIC skills are exactly up to scratch either. (I like my RPN calculators, damnit!)

Structris is an Apple II game written by Martin Haye, originally released at KansasFest 2012. It's licensed under the CC0 license, so no permission is needed to make use of it. And, it's written in Applesoft BASIC (Apple's version of Microsoft 6502 BASIC) with some 6502 assembly procedures to accelerate things, so it seems appropriate to write the port in TI-BASIC with DoorsCS libraries.

The premise is based on that of Tetris, but with significantly different game play. Normally, in Tetris, you control the tetriminos that fall into the well, and attempt to clear lines by guiding those tetriminos into place.

In Structris, however, you control a cursor that is in the well. The tetriminos are being aimed at your cursor's position, but once they're dropped, they don't move or rotate, and the optimum tetrimino for your current position is what's chosen. Your goals are to not get crushed, and to clear lines. As you clear a certain number of lines, the well shrinks and you're required to clear more lines, which can make things quite a bit harder and faster-paced.

To get a better idea of what's going on, here's a video of the Apple II version that I recorded - I'm controlling the flashing cursor:

(This could really use a color version, color does add to it, but I don't own a CSE, so...)

Also, for KansasFest 2013, Michael Sternberg ran a Structris tournament (using a modified version that past level 10, loops back through the levels, but only displays the cursor 1/15 of the time, and past level 20, does it again with the cursor only showing 1/30 of the time). I am an awesome dude, and won that tournament, and have the trophy stein to prove it:

(I can recommend Left Hand Milk Stout if you ever find that you've won a stein like that, and want to fill it with a delicious beverage. That's what I did.)

So, I think I'm uniquely qualified to take a shot at this port.

Let's see if I can actually get it off the ground...
Good luck! I don't think I have ever heard of this game being ported to graphing calculators, so you also win some originality kudos for trying. We are here to answer general, non-specific TI-BASIC questions, so don't hesitate to ask if you get stuck.
Sadly, as I mentioned in IRC, this isn't gonna get off the ground in time. I'll still work on it, just without the contest time constraint. And maybe not in TI-BASIC, either.
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