Level editor coming along, mostly thanks to having done this sort of thing about 100 times by now:
Will the level editor also be on the calculator?
It will not, just on the computer. I don't have time to do another calc program.
*bump* I did some more work with scrolling the map and such. Drawing the whole map is a bit slow, sadly, so scrolling is a bit limited. I've edited the levels a little bit to make it fit better on the screen.

For screenshots, here's the icon:

And here's a little spoiler for those following along for when you beat the game:
Link for those curious!
*bump again* Here we have a title screen!

This is actually driven through the level appvar, so when loading a custom level set, this will be different!
That looks amazing! How about an Easter Egg button of some sort that lets you play the title screen level, or is that too complex at this point? How's it looking for finishing in the next 8.5ish hours?
Gahhh. Im in love. This is amazing work for such little time. Great job as always.
That's some beautiful stuff right there.
Wait a sec, you did this using DCS libs?! This is incredible!
Thanks guys! Here's password entry:

It's a bit better if it tells you which level:
That's awesome Very Happy Man, this gets better and better with each screenshot. Can't wait to be able to throw this at the CSE.
Wow that is just too beautiful to wait for a download. I totally want to play now, but of course I understand the contest rules and that it's not finished yet. Wink

Suggestion: Maybe make the brick mortar darker so that the contrast with the bricks themselves is greater.

How fast does it run on a real calc, btw? I noticed that Dino Puzzle tends to be on the slow side (key responsiveness, especially), although still fun to play, so I am curious about how a platformer like Block Dude would perform?

Also do you use inline sprites?
I'm done!

First level gameplay screenshot!

Custom level sets!

Once I get all the extra levels ironed out, I'll submit it along to the judges Smile
*bump* Just a post to let you know that the program has been submitted! Good luck everyone!
Wow, that looks great! Wonderful work!
Wow, this is fantastic, excellent job!
Thanks guys! It's been joys of fun making it. I hope it's fun to play ��
merthsoft wrote:
*bump* Just a post to let you know that the program has been submitted! Good luck everyone!
And good luck to you! Congratulations for not only creating something cool in a very short amount of time, but making that something be a complete game with extras like a level editor to boot.
I've made some improvements, some performance, some graphical. Here're some screenshots that looks the same Wink

*bump* And it's been released! Download:
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