I'm making an arcade reflex game called ArrowGPS. This is my first Xlib game for the TI-84 CSE.

- Four different characters
- Randomized color backgrounds
- Endless mode

Future features: (later date)
- Places
- Puzzle mode
Very nice graphics! What did you use to make them (TokenIDE)? When I saw ArrowGPS, I thought you perhaps beat me to my long-wished-for goal of attaching a GPS receiver to my calculator and doing some kind of rudimentary mapping, but it appears it's more like moving a character around. And perhaps solving puzzles? Can you explain the game concept more?
The object of the game is to follow the directional pattern. The character has three mistakes available until its game over. As the player accurately follows the pattern his multiplier increases. The score is revealed at the end of the game.

I use TokenIDE to create the sprites for my game.

The puzzle mode is in the brainstorming stages, which I plan for the characters to pass through a maze, where the player has a limited amount of directional moves available.

New features:
- change characters to cars
- easy and hard modes
- race against time

Very nice indeed! Good luck in the contest, and no matter what the results are, I hope you'll release this in the Cemetech and ticalc.org archives when it's complete.
Just tries this out and it's a lot of fun and very responsive! Great work Smile
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