Well ... I've been *thinking* about finishing it if that counts?

I have some extended leave from work coming up in August that I'm planning to use to knock some of these projects over with.
It's an incredible concept. Very nice, very nice.
Encountered a bug, after exiting the game I got put on the TI-OS screen but it wouldn't regain focus, forcing me to reset my calc. This was after I finished 5 laps.
Thanks for letting me know - are you able to tell me your calc model and OS version?
tini-bump lol

I really hope this can be continued and we hear more about it soon! It looks amazing!
Hold on, I just learned this was a thing and I just saw that screenshot of what I think is a map editor. Now, I could just be stupid, but I really want to put rainbow road on this. Could I do that and if so, how. Also I am a fool so please be patient if I say something stupid or don't understand it. Also I think that this project is really cool. It runs really well and feels like the old Mario Kart. I'm excited to see this get finished. Good job tr1p1ea!
Thanks and welcome to the forums!

Yes Rainbow Road is something I would like to try and include Smile.

(.... yes I better work on this again).
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