I have to make a BASIC program for one of my math teachers on the Ti 84 C edition. Its pretty simple, its just some notes. The problem is that I dont have a C edition, and I dont know what the Text() range is for the C edition, and the dimensions of the text() characters. Anybody know?
The demensions are 26 characters across the home screen and 10 characters down the home screen
Text(0,0 through Text(150,0 for the left side. 254 puts a single character to the far right of the screen.

And the distance between rows is 13.
Frozen, im talking about the graph screen. Tifreak: Do you mean 150 is the height, and 254 is the length, so text(150,254 would be the bottom right-most pixel? and I also need to know the dimensions of a single character. I know for a regular ti 84 they are 5 high and 3 wide, but idk for C edition
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