Hi Cemetech,

My name is Tim and I am new to Cemetech. I am a BASIC programmer with a moderate amount of experience. Maybe some of you know me from TI-Basic Developer.

I am more interested in graphical programming rather than solid code, although making little programs to make life easier and more interesting is great. For example, a copy of the NATO phonetic alphabet or a program that performs the quadratic equations and shows work. Stuff like that.

I am 14 and I am a freshman at my high school. I'm paranoid so I'll only say it's in Virginia. Razz I'm Korean, in my opinion halfway to fluent. I think it's awkward when people ask me to say something in Korean so please don't go all "Ahn-yung ha seh-yoh" to me. Above all no kimchi or galbi references.

As my signature probably implies I am a fan of ninjas. I am a travel player in ice hockey. I play defense and I consider myself pretty good.

I like music as well. I play piano in my free time and I used to play cello for school and at home.

I am a huge fan of programming! TI-Basic is the only one I am good at. At school I am learning Alice 2.3 and we are going to work with Visual Basic 2012 and Unity. I am trying to learn Python in my free time but it's definitely a lot harder than TI-Basic.

I own a TI-84 Plus calculator and I have absolutely no clue what an OS, "shell" or Ion or Mirage or whatever is. I understand how assembly works but the only assembly I have is the lowercase toggle and a home-made clear RAM. I have a vague idea with how greyscale works (something about pixels flickering?) but I don't know how to get it.

Thanks a lot for reading this and I hope I learn a good deal from Cemetech.

Evil or Very Mad Evil or Very Mad Evil or Very Mad
Welcome, Likeawhisper, and great to have you with us! May I please ask you to copy your post into our Introduce Yourself thread? We like to keep all the new members' introductions collected there for easy reference.
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