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Just kind of wanting to put up a topic to keep track of ideas that myself or others could tackle for the CSE using BASIC or Hybrid-BASIC to create games and programs that would promote usage of Doors CSE.

For Hybrid:

Dr Mario
Dino Puzzle from the 83+ Puzz Pack app
Age of Darkness port utilizing graphics
Pokemon Purple upgrade?
Simon Says
Tamagotchi virtual pets, with better sprites, of course

For pure BASIC:
Here's what my current to-do list looks like, as far as on-calc programs and games goes:
- Finish Doors CSE 8.0 and release
- Finish Jezzball for the 83+/84+ and 84+CSE and release
- Port Graph3DP as an assembly program in full-resolution mode
- Explore feasibility of a color Invalid Tangram

Edit: Of course, if anyone would like to collaborate on Invalid Tangram, I'd be more than willing to discuss that.
Apologies for the humor.
Port over Cave Story by Doukutsu
Hybrid Basic first, then asm.
Added Chess to the list, because with Celtic spriting ability, it should be easily feasible. Maybe something else for me to look into later on Smile
tifreak8x wrote:
Added Chess to the list, because with Celtic spriting ability, it should be easily feasible. Maybe something else for me to look into later on Smile
I assume you mean a two-player chess game for now? I would definitely not want to be in your shoes if you have any plans to implement a chess AI in BASIC. Wink
Oh definitely 2 player chess. I'm not sure one could program a decent AI for such a game on any of the calculators in BASIC :p
What i would like to do now that DCSE8.0 is out:

Port 3D engine across to see if it is feasible
Finish Mario demo
Experiment with various tilemapping techniques
tr1p1ea wrote:
Finish Mario demo
I think you accidentally typed "demo" there when you actually meant to type "full working game". Wink
*bump* AHelper has pointed out that Maxwell's Maniac would be an interesting project, based on how much code and spriting I could probably reuse from Jezzball.
Someone should do Command Keen Smile
I just realized that only Puzzle Frenzy still needs to be ported.
Someone should make impossible game / super hexagon Very Happy
Asian wrote:
Someone should make impossible game / super hexagon Very Happy
Both of those would be significantly challenging on the TI-84+CSE, though with scrolling xLIBC features, The Impossible Game would be possible, if potentially slightly slow. Super Hexagon would be well-nigh impossible.
*Facepalm* Ok... So how about ball game (http://sysach.com/circle-game/)
A suite of programs either under Doors (or not) which assist with cable selection for electrical designers.

The core of the code would calculate the volt drop over a length of cable based on its resistivity per length. There are plenty of desktop programs which do this but would be cool to have this on calc.

Are there any electricians out there who know more of this ?
ti83head wrote:
Are there any electricians out there who know more of this ?
I am an electrical engineer rather than an electrician, but I think a multi-purpose toolbox program could be useful indeed. Perhaps have it compute some theoretical things, such as the properties of LC, RC, and RL circuits, BJTs, and similar, as well as offering solvers for transmission line losses and other practical problems. I'd have to poll around and see how many EEs and electricians actually use the TI-84+/CSE series.
A database of IC pinouts would be very nice to have, too.
I guess if the information were available, it wouldn't take much to make those as well Smile
*bump* I strongly, strongly recommend that someone port Decimal Defender to the TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition. I may actually take on the project myself if no one else attacks it. Smile

Edit: After playing Decimal Defender in jsTIfied, I think I want to port it. And in fact, there are a number of interesting TI-83+/TI-84+ Apps that would make great DCSE BASIC or ASM programs. Another one that springs to my fingertips perusing education.ti.com is World Geography.

Little flash game Weregoose found this morning. Something that should be easily doable on the CSE.

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