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I thought of an idea when an appvar got corrupted on my calculator. Why not try to make it possible to make an appvar within a program but later was informed that it would take up a lot of space. Next I thought of having a compressed string and running another program to make the appvar.
During school (study hall) I thought that this would be possible if I had a number representing every 2 numbers. This would turn {1,4,2,13} into {4,377} and {4,377} into {1,4,2,13}
The way this method works has to do with the fibonacci sequence. Here is the modified version I am using:
First, take the original sequence {1,4,2,13} and split it into 2's: {1,4} and {2,13} Then take my modified sequence and take the values. {1,4} and {2,13} would turn into {0,4} and {1,376} respectively. Add the terms for each previous sequence and get {4} and {377} These values can be converted into a sequence of half the size, solving the problem of space.
I would make a program that could either convert the appvar contents into a sequence or convert a sequence into an appvar. The other programs would set the compressed appvar contents (a sequence) to a list to be handled by my program.
Any other ways to do this? Suggestions, comments?
I know that in Celtic libs on the 84SE, there is a way to make an appvar, I'm not sure if that has been implemented into DCSE8.
What are you trying to store?
You can indeed create AppVars from within programs using the Doors CSE libraries, namely Celtic II CSE. Details here:
16aroth6: For advanced color games you need appvars to store the tilemaps/sprites. If your calc crashes or the appvar is corrupted or you want to share easily this would help.
easiest way to keep appvars safe would to be o periodically group them, with your program.
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