Cemetech has long maintained the Cemetech Archives of calculator and computer programs created by our members. To date, it has accrued 181,000 downloads of about 900 programs by 184 authors. Most recently, our TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition downloads section has been particularly popular; the top 10 programs garnered a total of over thirteen thousand downloads in a few months, more than the top 10 TI-83 Plus/TI-84 Plus downloads gathered in half a decade.

With the introduction of HP's new HP Prime graphing calculator, which we thoroughly reviewed last month, we have added an HP Prime programs section to the Cemetech Archives. We already have a pair of interesting submissions, one from a new Cemetech member, one from a long-time TI calculator programmer. Member Han has submitted a very impressive math program called Graph 3D, incidentally beating me to creating a 3D graphing application for the new calculator. On the ever-popular games side of things, long-time member DJ_O has created HP Prime (Color) Tunnel v1.00, a port of an HP 39gII game he wrote. We look forward to seeing your HP Prime programs and games in the archives soon!

HP Prime program and game downloads

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