Code here:
It happens after it draws the circle, but I'm not sure exactly where, as it's a protected program.

Thanks for any help!
It happened not far from the top, at:

:While {L3}(2)=1
:While {L3}(3)={L3}(4)
:If {L3}(5)=105

The line I ended on was the first line there, basically it seems to stop right after the cookie was drawn. Can't figure out why yet, it's been a while!

We provide amazing features like SourceCoder and jsTIfied, they are not collaborative but are super easy diagnosis tools. I used both above to help you out here.
In your menu command,


Menu("Cookie Clicker Menu","Manage Items",B,"Unlock Upgrades,C,"Achivements",D,"Quit",E)

You are missing an ending quotation mark for Unlock Upgrades
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