I have been working on a minesweeper clone for the Ti-84+CSE, and have it almost finished.
Things I have finished:
-10x10 board, set for variable width; but height will stay 10
-Random mines; variable amounts
-Algorithm that sets each square a specified number according to how many mines are touching it
-Draws board
-Movable cursor
-Flags can be placed
-Pressing [2nd] "turns on" square and displays value
-Flags can be unplaced (pressing on a set flag will return it to flag inventory
-Flagged mine counter
-User loses when pressing on a mine

Things to do:
-Make selectable levels; easy, medium, hard
-Make the smiley face
-High score table

Anybody have any suggestions? Want to see a specific thing? Please tell me!
I will post a screenshot later tonight.
Alright here are two screenshots:
10 mines:

50 mines:
That looks way cool. I'm assuming that the number of mines is random?
Also, Is there a way to change the size of the grid?
The mines are actually user selectable at the moment that is.
As for the dimensions; they are stuck at 10x10 right now but my code was written to take variable dimensions, as I was considering size changing.
This looks great, zeldaking! The only thing wrong with it that I can see is that I think Merth will be jealous that he's not the one creating a Minesweeper game for the new calculator. Also, a suggestion: you could use Celtic 2 CSE or xLIB hybrid BASIC sprites for the squares if you wish.
Hmm is xLib useable yet? That would definetly add to the game if so.
zeldaking wrote:
Hmm is xLib useable yet? That would definetly add to the game if so.
It will be in Beta 3. Smile I'll try to remember to include the excellent documentation that tr1p1ea wrote with it.
That sounds great!
As a side note, I have user chooseable dimensions; but it always a square, i.e., 5x5,6x6 etc
I know it is within 24 hours, but this is a picture update, I'd rather post a new post than edit the top original post as to show progression.
User select-able size and levels; 5 level types: Easy 10% squares are mines, Medium 20%, Hard 30%, Pro 50%, and Custom which the user can pick his own # of mines albeit high scores in custom won't be on the high score table.

New features: Smiley face, timer and variable size board. In this case 5x5 (which is the smallest available size).

8x8 board showing off the timer again, and Med difficulty

10x10 board on Pro difficulty. Pretty challenging.


Things still to do:
-high score table; top score per board per difficulty. Maybe make top 3 scores?
-option to pause
-option to restart
-option to replay once game is finished by either winning or losing
-option to view high scores

Does anyone want to test it out for me? I am a bit biased on how it plays. Any testers? I can pm you the files.

Annnnddd any suggestions?
I will test it. It looks really interesting and cool.
Can I test?
I'm actually alright with the testing. I got my mom to learn minesweeper, so that worked out. Expect it in archives late tomorrow.
k, no problem.
BUMP! Woo, so I have a project to work on again, finally.
I'm going back and optimizing this project and "porting" (would you say that?) to xLibC so the graphics will be updated and hopefully it will run better. The last version was all ASCII (well I guess there were lines...), but anyhow I'm liking how my graphics are looking now! Here are some mockups that I threw together.
My sprites, if you have any complaints or suggestions on these, please share:

A blank 5x5 board before playing:

The 5x5 board semi-complete:

The 5x5 board finished:

Hopefully these are high-res enough. I can make them larger if need be (they were originally ~1900x2500)
Nice looking! I love how it looks authentic! Might want bigger fields though, perhaps use scrolling?

And, why do you use a mac? Sad 0x5
Because I love my MacBook Pro!
And as for the scrolling. That won't be a problem. Those mockup a are with 8x8 sprites, so it'll be lots smaller than it appears.
Progress for the win!
I got the sprites onto actual hardware and wrote a quick board display routine. It takes variable size boards, from 0x0 (yes 0x0) to infinite.. (but that wont display on calc). Sizes up to 17X12 fit. Here are some pictures to look at:
1x1; this one is for ordelore as he made a sassy remark about these dimensions Wink



And a full; 17x12.. This size won't be in the final release.. No room for a timer Razz

Any comments or suggestions?
That looks great! Nice job.
So... how/why would you want to play a 0x0, or a grid too big for the screen?
Hey thanks!
And you wouldn't want to play those boards. Haha. So yeah they won't be in the final release. Just commenting on my routine.
Those are indeed some nice graphics you have there Smile Keep up the good work!
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