This is a forum for an idea that I had about making an MP3 program. It would involve a program to recognize and play the MP3s (with the code to play the music from the port and to pause and things like that) and a batch file to turn MP3s into a TI file.
I was hoping that I could get some help on playing music through the Calc. I also am new to batch files. If you know something, please help me!
Which calc?
Also: theres MT3
Though it only does midi files...
Decoding a MP3 uses a lot of processing power, so you're better off using an uncompressed format or very lightly compressed format. (I'm assuming that this is for the z80. Maybe the Nspires are fast enough to actually do it?)
Ever heard of TruVid by thepenguin77 ? You can convert a video to a "TI file" after a few steps and then you can watch a video in 4 levels of grey on your calc with the sound (and not in midi format, you can hear instruments and all). It takes a lot of memory though.

There is also TruSound which is only about music and not video, but for some reason I have no link to it.
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