Did you buy Pokemon X or Y?
 37%  [ 3 ]
 62%  [ 5 ]
Total Votes : 8

On October 12th, Pokemon X and Y are coming out, I want to hear comments about it, not just from my brother and I. If you bought it, I want to hear comments or concerns.
I have both preordered and nearly paid for, as I've been paying for them slowly since preordered started. On my copy of Black 2, I have 644, of the 649 pokemon available to get, hoping to be able to get at least 2 of those missing 5 before X and Y come out.
Why is this in the Doors CS sub-forum?? Shock
Hadn't even noticed. lol

Fixing now. Smile
Nice job tifreak8x!
I just hope to "see" them all so I can get the shiny Haxorus.
I have enough money but have not paid for yet. Just have on reserve.
(P.S) Best avitar ever!
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I have Black 2, although I am not as much as a fan as Leaf Green and especially Emerald. I enjoy the classic feel more than the newer generations that are too much.
I did pre-order Pokemon X and will pick it up on the 12th. I am hoping it revives my pokemon interest more than the newer generations. Adding the new type (fairy) is going to be a game changer for sure.
I am also excited about the fairy type. On some points, I agree and disagree with you. Yes, I am a big fan of the classics and love to look back on them and smile. BUT, I love when the new games come out to see what new twists they have added. For example, Pokemon X and Y introduce being able to ride Pokemon.
Hope you all enjoy it.
The pokemon series is a completely tired idea tree that gets harvested once every 2 or so years to make Nintendo an easy buck. The games themselves have really gone downhill overall since the original gold/silver/crystal.
Ashbad, I completely disagree with you. The Pokemon Series has gone UPHILL since Gold Silver Crystal. They keep making it better. Ruby-Leafgreen is on GBA. GBA is smaller than GBC, making it easy to carry.
X and Y are in 3D. (New Improvement)
Neon, a goodly portion of X and Y will not be in 3D, as per what I've been reading online.

I have to agree with Ashbad to a small extent, certain aspects of the game have been drawn out and beat to death. They need new, fresh ideas. X and Y adds a few.. But.. They need better story ideas than what they've done over the last decade.
You gotta check out this link
It has an epic preview.
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