Hey everybody this is spud and i just want to let people know im now offering free personal websites through my new web design company, Red Rock Creative. All I provide though is the code, so you have to get your own hosting. But for those of you who are interested, you can go
Here, or shoot me an email at info@redrockcreative.dx.am.
Just an update, We now have three example templates to show off for those of you who want to see the work we do.

We have these themes:

Dark Glass


Since you nagged me on SAX for feedback:
- The Dark Glass logo is very aliased. In the future you might want to antialias more.
- The Colorful theme uses too saturated of a yellow. And the red header with the yellow and blue looks very Crayola to me.
- The Wood theme needs light text with the dark background. I'm not personally fond of Futura Poster for non-amateur-looking logos.
- Your maroon-on-gray-metal homepage is nearly unreadable.
- You seem to be using the royal plural.
Thanks for the feedback Kerm, I'll address those flaws.
It's cool that you can do these kind of thins for free.
Also, where can I get a copy of OpenPress?
What host and plan do you use?
If you pm me your email I can email you a copy of OpenPress, but right now I'm currently adding a new feature so give me like a half hour. As for the host and plan I use AwardSpace's free hosting. Its free and you get a domain name for a year!
Wait, a free, top-level .com domain?
willwac wrote:
Wait, a free, top-level .com domain?

It's very likely to be .dx.cm or whatever Red Rock is hosted under. Completely free .coms are practically non-existent. You can find them for severely discounted sometimes but it's only for one year then goes back up to the regular price the rest of your years with that domain.

I had a .tk domain back in the day and don't recommend it. I encourage the satisfaction of a .com or a .net, it's also at least 10 bucks a year. A year. Just buy a proper domain.
Ten bucks a year if you want a craptastic domain host, sure.
allynfolksjr wrote:
Ten bucks a year if you want a craptastic domain host, sure.
Namecheap costs <$10 per year and does a fantastic job. I have everything except cemete.ch (which can't be moved) with them.
gandi.net is the registrar that the cool kids go for.
I have 4 domains with Godaddy. It Works good
I'm too cheap to buy hosting. I'd rather just get free hosting with a sub-domain. But I also don't have a job currently so that's large factor.
spud, thanks for the great site!
I have a few suggestions:
On the comments area, use the "placeholder" attribute, not "value" attribute. Speaking of comments, could you have a module in the admin cp to "Approve comments for public view" so that people don't spam your site.
well I did fix your sites quote problem! As for the other things lie comment approval, that would be a lot of work so maybe sometime in the future but probably not right now.
just to let everyone know I am now taking requests for next week! If you want a website act fast because its first come first serve.
Still having problems with comments.
From what I know, you don't need o add slashes when saving and recalling from PHP files.
More or less, yes you do. The quotes will escape the statement. The CODE tags can help you visually here. The green text is properly in quotes but when I add another quote the script thinks the text ended it attempts to interpret the rest as a command. However, when we escape the quotes, the script processes it correctly.

echo("I am text. "This is a quote"");
$variable == "This will be saved into the variable "But this will return an error."");

echo("I am text. \"This is a quote\"");
$variable == "This will be saved into the variable \"And this willl not return an error.\"");

However, you can get around that by using single quotes for your echo commands and strings. But then you'll have to escape the single quotes if you use them inside those functions. If memory serves, he'll need to add an htmlspecialchars function when saving comments to the database. Since, when they are echo'd back, the unicode will be interpreted as proper HTML. It's been a while since I've had to use this, so I could be off on the result/usage.
I'm working on it willwac dont worry. I've just been a little preoccupied lately. I managed to fix it with the admin panel so I can probably fix it here too.
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