Hey guys Spud here. Today I'm releasing a program that I made that allows for you to run a Bukkit server for your self. This is mainly if you want to use some of the plugins in a single player world. The program is called Singleplayer Bukkit. All you do is run the exe, choose your world, type in your username, and connect. The great thing about this is that you can use it any where with no need to be logged in. The game is also private so no one can join but you. One of the coolest things is that you don't even have to move your world to use it. When you start up the program you type in the name and it does everything for you, and when you're done it moves it back and there's not trace that it was ever there. also this program is written so it can be placed anywhere on your computer and still run just fine. so if you want to use plugins in a single player world just download SPB and let loose.

Cool, but it does use the player's Minecraft.jar, correct?
It would be nice of you to make it for Mac/*nix or gives us Source code.
I also think this would be better as a mod.
I would be more than willing to give to the source but its written in a windows only language. As for you'r question about the minecraft.jar
you need to download bukkit and put it in the same folder.

ps. Here's the source:

#cs ----------------------------------------------------------------------------

 AutoIt Version:
 Author:         Spud2451

#ce ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
$dir = @ScriptDir
$world = InputBox("Singleplayer Bukkit","World Name:")
if $world <> "" then
$user = InputBox("Singleplayer Bukkit", "Username:")
if $user <> "" then
$worldpath = @AppDataDir&"/.minecraft/saves/"&$world
$newworldpath = $dir&"/"&$world
DirMove($worldpath, $newworldpath)
$ops = FileOpen("ops.txt",2)
$list = FileOpen("white-list.txt",2)
WinWaitActive("Minecraft 1.7.4")
ShellExecuteWait("start.bat", $world, $dir, "open", @SW_MINIMIZE)
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