In a previous news, we were finally announcing you the availability of the first talking graphic calculator in the world, the TI-84 Plus Orion.

If we add the new TI-84 USB and color TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition, it's a great back to school of the family of TI graphing calculators using a z80 processors this year. Wink

Today, Chase Crispin lets you rediscover the TI-84 Plus Orion with all its accessories as you're going to get it if you order it, by unboxing it before you:

The mystery of the two mini-USB and micro-USB higher ports is still unclear to us at the moment. Chase confirms that charging the voice module requires the mini-USB ports. As we doubt that sharing data with the computer or other calculators is going to require the micro-USB port for which appropriate cables aren't included, the utility of the latter remains to this day enigmatic. Maybe this is a specific port for the voice module which doesn't communicate with the calculator at all, and could for example be used to update the module firmware from a computer.

Here is a second video by Chase Crispin where you can discover the voic module keys features, and the new features of the calculator keys:

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