I hope I put this in the right subforum. I've never been good at that...
- No spamming (you are probably thinking, "duh, that's a forum rule", but try not to duplicate polls or request people to do them multiple times.)
- Polls should generally be anonymous, unless it is part of the poll.
- Having results at the end of the poll for users to see results is necessary. (polls like "who should win the next US election" deserve their own thread, if they don't already have one)
- The polls (generally) shouldn't be about anything important, this is just for kicks.
- Provide a link to your poll. Preferably, these links should have a title representing what they are.
- Don't say how you voted, at least in the thread (SAX is fine).
- Doing the polls is just as beneficial as creating them. Be sure to do other peoples' polls!

Here are some polls I made:
Squid vs Octopus
Rarity Rankings
Can the polls be here, on Cemetech?? (I've got a few...)
SM84CE wrote:
Can the polls be here, on Cemetech?? (I've got a few...)

Well, it depends. (I don't really care, though, I want this to be a community thing, not just run by me. I'm just providing some guidelines.)

I'd prefer if these polls were generally not programming related, and created by the user who posted them (unless it was really awesome).
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