A lot of you may be aware that I'm into tea. I'm also into cake, so I put the two things I love together and made a batch of Earl Grey cupacakes with lemon buttercream icing. Very tasty.

My most sincere apologies about the massive image.
You should send that to Patrick Stewart. lol
I'm just eating one of those bad boys now. Very tasty. The lemon compliments the subtle flavour of earl grey in the cake Smile
EGeek: those look awesome!

Untitled by elfprince13, on Flickr

Spinach pasta, with fresh baby spinach and Italian sausage, and toasted garlic. NOM NOM NOM.
Very nice, elfprince, I like the looks of that. Here's the recipe for the cupcakes, by the way.


banana bread tried something different this time the one on the left is made like usual but on the right we substituted most of the butter for yogurt. will be interesting to see how it tastes Very Happy
I decided jelly wasn't enough on its own, so did this:

It's strawberry jelly with nectarines and blueberries, presented in a wine glass and topped with whipped cream and hundreds and thousands.
When you say jelly, I think this. I assume you're referring instead to this?
My apologies, I believe you guys would refer to it as 'jell-o' , right?
My photo came out terribly, but trust me, it's tasty and super-filling. Anyway, I used to have a dish I called macaroni and cheese a la Christopher, which was either Trader Joe's shells-and-cheddar or macaroni pasta with fresh-grated sharp white cheddar, steamed broccoli, and most interestingly, a little bit of curry powder. Recently, I found an even tastier version that replaces the steamed broccoli with sauteed onions + sliced mushroom + broccoli, and retains the extra spiciness of the curry powder. I highly recommend it, and it's easy to make.

Easy dishes! Here's one of mine.

Mostly just pork and rice. Brown pork in your skillet (season as desired), then add rice and water in around a 1:1 proportion. Add vegetables to taste (I oftentimes include potato and onion, but had broccoli to use this time). Bake covered at 350 degrees for about 45 minutes.

I've been eating this batch with some orange ginger sauce on top, which adds a bit of the necessary zing. I'm sure it could be done with other seasoning approaches too.
Made some cheddar beer soup!

1 pound of sharp cheddar:

delicious bacon:

carrots, celery, onions, garlic, fried in the bacon grease, plus half a 40, a can of chicken stock, 2.5 cups of milk, and a bit of mustard, red pepper flakes, + salt and pepper to taste:

Melt in the cheese, and sprinkle bacon on top:
Made breakfast this morning for me and my roomate this morning and thought I would share it here!

Its fried potatoes, which i chopped up the night before, soaked in water in the fridge, which was mainly just so I didn't have to chop them up in the morning and the water was to keep them from browning. Fried them up in a pan with lots of butter, steak seasoning and garlic powder.

The Eggs, well, are just scrambled eggs with cheese. Not really much to explain there.

The apple cinnamon pancakes are pretty self explanatory too. I just chopped up an apple pretty fine, and put them in pancake mix with cinnamon and sugar and cooked them normally. I did soak the apples in water too from the night before, but for the same reason as the potatoes.

Sorry for the potato quality picture, It was saved from snapchat since I didn't think to take a regular picture. Oh and the terrible edit on the photo was to make it family friendly.

Woo, after looking at this thread, I can finally contribute! I made a cake, first time as well, and decided to skip an oven and make it in a rice maker... that wasn't made to bake nor was it large enough. Due to modifications made, it took me an hour to stop condensation from keeping the top layer uncooked (total about 2 hours, can be greatly improved next time). All-in-all, a good cake. Would have been better if it was chocolate.

Woo, learning things and such!

I call this an Almost Casserole. lol

Package of Parmesan noodles, with the spinach in it.
2 cans of tuna, drained
1-2 cups of mushroom pieces, drained (just depends on how much you like the mushrooms)
1 cup of peas (frozen tastes better, but use what you want)

I simply followed the directions on the package for the noodles, bringing the water/milk mixture to a boil, then added in everything and stirred very frequently while it boiled on medium heat for roughly 10 minutes. Let cool.

Cheap, easy meal. Smile
elfprince13 wrote:

And I made apple cinnamon bread with the yeasty dregs of our big jug of home-made hard cider:

Photo542 by elfprince13, on Flickr

Photo541 by elfprince13, on Flickr

Repeated this experiment again this year, and it was awesome again:

Untitled by elfprince13, on Flickr
If you are looking for something original then take: chicken stock (or make it from scratch with chicken and vegetables), lemon, sugar, chicken breasts (previously cooker or fried whatever you prefer) and rice.

Take a small piece of butter and put it in the pot, wait till it melts and add flour. You will get chewy looking piece of pie-like thing. Wait for it to get yellowish and then slowly start pouring COLD chicken stock. Stir because you are starting to make a thick sauce. Wait for it to boil and check thickness. If happy, leave it as it is, if unhappy add more stock. When you're satisfied squeeze lemon juice and add sugar - the point is to have sour-sweet taste of the sauce. I won't tell you how much you have to add because it depends on you - whatever you prefer. I suggest trying as you go.
Finally add pieces of chicken, cook rice and serve!
Sometimes I add also green peas but that's not a regular thing.
I know it sounds weird but it's a family recipe Smile

I made pretzels.

Couldn't be bothered to buy yeast, so I picked and chose elements from two recipes, both of which claimed to work without yeast. They're a little funny looking because I couldn't be bothered to brush them with egg (and generally couldn't be bothered to make them look nice), but taste just like pretzels, if a little unique because I added cinnamon and vanilla.
Looks awesome! I have recently been remiss in my posting of delicious things to this thread.

Random stuff
Making bubble-tea at home:

Untitled by elfprince13, on Flickr

Delicious tortilla-pizza:

Untitled by elfprince13, on Flickr

Failed attempt to fry some weird Japanese oreos:

Untitled by elfprince13, on Flickr

Homemade pesto, with lots of garlic, and walnuts substituted for pine-nuts (which definitely improves it, plus makes it a lot a less expensive!)

Untitled by elfprince13, on Flickr

Making delicious Soup:
Start by chopping up lots of onions of garlic, add a teensy about of chicken broth, and lots of butter, and let it simmer in the bottom of the pot for a while. Then add the rest of your broth (about a quart total), and a pound of chopped-up chicken breast.

Untitled by elfprince13, on Flickr

Once it's boiling again, add veggies (carrots, celery), and spices (sage, thyme, bayleaf, and black pepper).

Untitled by elfprince13, on Flickr

Finally chop up a potato, and add it, along with a can of black beans:

Untitled by elfprince13, on Flickr

I like to keep the bean-juice in for extra flavor and extra liquid in the broth, but if you're particularly sensitive to the digestive effects of black beans, you may want to opt for a different way of adding more flavoring + padding the liquid content.

Making Rice/Raisin Wine
Yeast food! A pound each of white and brown sugar.

Rice/Raisin Wine, Take 3 by elfprince13, on Flickr

A pound of rice, ground in the blender. Plus two cinnamon sticks:

Rice/Raisin Wine, Take 3 by elfprince13, on Flickr

Blend up a lot of raisins, along with some lime-zest (and a cup or two of water to keep things flowing):

Rice/Raisin Wine, Take 3 by elfprince13, on Flickr

Juice the lime and add it to the rice powder:

Rice/Raisin Wine, Take 3 by elfprince13, on Flickr

Boil the raisin-puree, and the sugar, along with 3 more quarts of water:

Rice/Raisin Wine, Take 3 by elfprince13, on Flickr

Mix it all up. Make sure your brewing container will be able to release gas (we use a loose-fitting cap, but you can use fancier set-ups too):

Rice/Raisin Wine, Take 3 by elfprince13, on Flickr

Let it cool for a while! Keep checking with a thermometer, until it reaches yeast-friendly temperatures. Then add a few teaspoons of active dry yeast (or fancier yeast, if you have it). Wait a while (up to an hour, but probably less) and make sure the yeast is happy and burping out gas. If something goes wrong, refrigerate the mixture and go buy new yeast / add more from a source that you know is happy and healthy.

Rice/Raisin Wine, Take 3 by elfprince13, on Flickr

Fizzy by elfprince13, on Flickr

Let it sit for a few weeks, swirling once or twice a day to keep it all mixed up. Then filter, bottle, and enjoy.
Yumm that sounds delicous. @ Raisin/Rice wine.

Everything else looks awesome as well!
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