I know that there are on-calc/ off-calc programs that do this for you, but my problem is with the old fashion way.

0101 1011 1000 1111 1011 1000 1110 0100



And so and so forth.
When I attempted this it turned out to only show the top left part of the icon. I suspect that this has to do with the 2*2 bold pixels. I have a fantastic icon that suits my program, but I'm not happy that I cant access a 1*1 pixel size. Does any one know how to do this?
My icon is


use http://dcs.cemetech.net/hexaicon/ to see it.
Did you add it to the code using the headers?

:"Your Hex Icon As A String Here

In your case, it would look like this


Note that it does not matter if you omit the closing quote.


Also note that DCS6 is for 16*16 bit icons and DCS is for 8*8 icons.
So I didn't use dcs6 I used dcs.
Future reference use DCS6 @ The header. Thank you sooo much!
I liked the icon very much. What exactly does/will the program do?
I am working (only slightly off topic) a SimCity type game. All else to be revealed in my projects section of the forum. But it won't be a repeat of any previous versions. You have values and such a population and you must maintain balance etc. Working on version one and it is going to be text based until version two. I feel I've given to much away. Look for it in my projects section on the 29th August 2013. P.ps my birthday
Sounds like fun, I look forward to seeing it. Are you going to use pure TI-BASIC, or will you be using Hybrid BASIC?
(Ah meandering me to give it all away.... what the heck)
Hybrid TIBASIC but it will be first-ever use for me so I may need lots of help.
I'm afraid I'm going to make you divulge more information. Very Happy

Which libs in particular?
ALL OF THEM!!! Surprised jk dcslib and a few commands from Celtic
Josh Landers wrote:
So I didn't use dcs6 I used dcs.
Future reference use DCS6 @ The header. Thank you sooo much!
Yup, that's the trick. To be more specific, ::DCS is for an 8x8 (64-pixel/16 hex digit) icon, while ::DCS6 is for a 16x16 (256-pixel/64 hex digit) icon. The DCS6 header also has some other features; you can read about them on the DCS wiki:

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