Whenever I'm logged in, I get an error for every link except Forum and About and the look of the whole site changes. Any ideas about why that's happening?
It sounds like you're browsing the mobile site when logged in. Does the site change from a two column layout down to one column? If it does, scroll the bottom and click "Switch to Desktop Version," it will also be helpful to know what OS and browser (including version numbers) you are using.
If you go to edit your profile, what does the board theme have selected? Set it to Cemetech6 and it should match the default site theme

I just duplicated your issue by using the Cemetech5 theme. Change it to 6 and it should be all good Smile (If this is indeed your issue)
Yes, the theme was the problem. I had changed it to a blue theme and obviously, that doesn’t work. Issue resolved. Thanks.
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