Everyone knows about what they PLANNED to do this summer. How about what you actually ACCOMPLISHED?
I'll start:
1) I made TI-Band to learn more abput Axe and to impress my friends.

2) I made it into my school's Geometry Honors course

3) I made a whole lot of Axe demos to see how much better I have gotten at Axe.

Now then, what did YOU accomplish this summer?
Not a whole lot. But then again, I didn't set out to do much. Haha.
Made lots of new friends! I suppose that could count Very Happy
A had a pretty busy summer. As of August I have only slept in my bed at my house six times that month. The other summer months were still eventful but not as much.
I slept in 5 different states and am leaving to Alaska this Wednesday for some deep sea fishing, so total that to 6 states.
Programming wise; I learned some HTML 5, jQuery, CSS and some basic Javascript as I went on a website making craze. Worked on some random projects as well as participated in Cemetech contest #10.
Got a $10k scholarship to the College that I want to go to.
Made loads of new friends.
I felt like I have done a bunch this summer and am glad I didn't sit around as much as I usually do.
I...polished off some reading that had been on my back burner, got most of the necessary orca simulation code up and running for work (and suggested bugfixes for NetLogo's behind-the-scenes datastructures+algorithms in the process), explored south-central Alaska, got engaged, and packed up for grad school (and found an apartment for me to live in when I move on Monday).
Since mid-June, I made six games, three math, two science and two miscellaneous programs for the TI 84+CSE.

Released my first TI-Nspire Lua Game, Tic Tac Toe.
I was way too busy going out (mostly concerts) and with work, so I didn't do as much stuff as I was planning, but with the arrival of the HP Prime I started experimenting with it and also made new sprites.

My initial plan was to finish Ancient Kingdom of Omnimaga (music album), but that failed epically.
I'm pretty happy with what I got done this summer on the whole as well:
- I went to California for a 12-week internship, designed, wrote, and tested a successful distributed system, met new friends, socialized, traveled and visited in the area, spent time with comicIDIOT, and relaxed.
- I wrote and released Tetric A for the TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition.
- I finally finished and released Sandpaper v1.0
- I finally finished and released Doors CS 7.2 and put that project to rest
- I got around to finishing off gCnClient 2.0 and releasing it.
- I worked hard on the SparseWorld project, getting terrain to be generated from real-world terrain and orthoimagery data, got buildings to (almost) show up where they're supposed to go, and worked on trying to get a full Google Earth set of building models for the project.
- I created a version of Minecraft that can load maps of arbitrary height (up to 1024 meters), although I need to figure out how to package it better and also make a bukkit version.
- I completed and published "Using the TI-83 Plus/TI-84 Plus", and it is now showing up in stores.

I think that's everything, at least that's everything I can think of.
I went on a two-month, country wide tour, across the U.S.A. with 100+ other people, sleeping on buses and gym floors, performing for thousands of people in various stadiums. I gained knowledge and friends on the way and had a fun time marching on cymbals.
Got some work done with President CSE, Started up CSEPaint, glared at the code for Checkers CSE, and captured all but 30 pokemon out of 649 for pokemon black 2! Very Happy
I got second the contest and learned to ride the unicycle in 2 days.
what I accomplished?
lets see:
-Getting a grip on z80 asm
-getting 2 new calculators
-being able to now skateboard down this really steep road without bailing off
-getting a job
-finally seeing what major I want to pursue
-Catching a clam on a fishhook (don't ask)
GinDiamond wrote:
-Getting a grip on z80 asm
What have you created in z80 ASM so far?
I've created a simple menu program, and I've moved a sprite around the screen using the arrow keys. Im very proud of myself. Printing out the Asm in 28 Days tutorial was worth it!
tifreak8x wrote:
and captured all but 30 pokemon out of 649 for pokemon black 2! Very Happy

Me jelly tifreak
KermMartian wrote:
- I finally finished and released Doors CS 7.2 and put that project to rest

Also, I managed to convert a friend who just got his TI-84+ and downloaded MOS immediately. I managed to turn him to DCS as soon as I saw what he had.
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