I wanted to program on my calc over my little vacation this weekend, and came up with this little map editor thing. This is from the readme:
This is a little map editor thing I started working on that can be used to make text maps on the graph screen
with color for the text. This could be used for any matrix-based engine with a 10x22 matrix. It would take
further code to make it work for other, similar engines.
It's not the most optimized it could be right now, and there are probably faster ways to do a lot of the things
I'm doing, but I was mostly just messing around.
Download here.

Arrows - Move
2nd - Place tile
Clear - Exit
F1 (Y=) - Color picker
F2 (Window) - Tile picker
F4 (Trace) - Fill with current tile
F5 (Graph) - View current map (display map without cursor until you press any key)
Mode - Delete tile and reset the color
Del - Delete the tile using the current color (useful for colors with background colors)
Alpha - Copy the tile under the cursor
X,T,theta,n - Copy the color under the cursor

From color picker and tile picker, user the arrow keys to navigate and use 2nd or enter to select. Clear exits.
From the tile picker, press F5 (Graph) to see more tiles.

This is still very early, so there could be any number of bugs or functional issues.
Feel free to use this program any way you like. I'm not responsible for anything.
Looks nice Merth. I know you sure had fun writing this, it'll be interesting to see how it works out with tr1p1ea working on his xlib for the 84cse and Kerm's Celtic2 like project.
That looks pretty boss, shaun! I'll have to give that a look see after while Smile
I don't know how I missed this topic the first time. Sorry, Shaun. Sad Anyway, this looks great, and certainly will be something that will help out people making homescreen ASCII-ish games. How did you get all the symbols? Did you use CHARS/SYMBOLS from tifreak8x and myself, or a different solution?
I used TokenIDE, of course...
I tried playing around with this, and when I run the program and immediately try to change the tile, it gives me a divide by 0 error. It takes me to prgmthetaDTM, line 5.
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