In mid-June, we announced Cemetech Contest #10. Thanks to our own efforts within the community, as well as a news article on and a mention on TI Calculator's Facebook page, we have had a lot of contestants from near and far start entries. Many of them have posted topics in our Contests subforum about their Contest #10 entries, as required by the contest rules, and others have promised to do so soon. There is slightly more than one week left until the deadline, so we encourage you to double-time it on your entry. We have already received a handful of them, so we know that the TI-Nspire CX CAS and the three TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition calculators to be awarded to the contest winners will find at least some homes.

As announced in late June, we have written up the full rubric that will be used to grade your programs. The programs will be graded on five criteria: the educational value of the program (55 points), the entertainment value and/or usefulness of the entry (25 points), the graphics, controls, and interface (10 points), the source code (5 points), and the readme file (5 points). Judges also have the discretion to award up to 10 bonus points to meritorious entries for special features or exceptional programs. Keep the rubric in mind when you're finishing up your program, writing its readme, and submitting it for judging. Please confirm with one of the judges (Cemetech administrators) that your entry has been received before the deadline.

More Information
Cemetech Contest #10 rubric
Cemetech Contest #10 official rules
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